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They met at the start of secondary school where one was mean to the other. As a result, one held a bitter grudge whilst the other was oblivious - it was clearly meant to be. Through a shared love of the arts and a combined apathy for any form of organisational skill, the two quickly became close friends and still are to this day, somehow. Isaac went to study languages at the University of Hull, whilst Jack ran as far away from him as possible and enrolled to do Marine Biology at the University of Southampton. Discouraged by the lack of bilingual fish either course supplied, and generally feeling pretty dissatisfied with the path they had set down, both boys earned the title of university "dropout" and returned to the bustling Shropshire landscape. Whilst they would both like to say they took the county by storm upon return, they did not. Instead, they used their newfound spare time to chat nonsense, and thus the idea of a podcast began to form. Six months later the first episode of "Life. Are We There Yet?" was released, much to the amazement of the two young reprobates - which brings us to now! Update: they are both still as oblivious and empty-headed as ever.


isaac rooke-moore

Isaac's first school report at secondary school urged him to improve his organisational skills. He has not. What he has done, however, is cultivate a passion for all things camera related, whether that be his drone filming company, editing work, or photography, he has discovered a passion for a medium that takes no prisoners - it's all part of the "hustle", however, and he loves it, regardless.


jack henderson

Jack has long been fascinated by the size of his ego and uses acting to inflate it accordingly - he can often be found stringing sentences together with a notebook and a pen in the hope that something funny, or profound, or profoundly funny will appear on the page before him. It hasn't yet. He's about to embark on a creative writing degree to see if he can stick to this writing malarkey, the punters say no, Jack disagrees and, perhaps optimistically, thinks he can.