episode 5: dressed to express

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Without meaning, you have no meaning to live.

episode description

On this episode we talk to Paul McGregor! Paul has featured in Vogue, GQ, and Esquire, not only that, he's also written for the Huffington Post, is a fashionista, youtuber, and avid mental health campaigner who's gone through more than most in his life so far.

Paul's Dad took his own life when he was only 18 years old; despite this however, Paul's invested his time and energy in an entirely positive way. He's an inspiration in every sense of the word and was a delight to interview. With business at the forefront at a young age despite his adversity, Paul has launched many different ventures in the world of men's fashion, from his men's fashion magazine to a new book being released in October, this man is the definition of multifaceted. 

In our in depth conversation, we talk of his worst moments and how he overcome them to become the man he is today. Paul advocates the notion that it's ok to talk about mental health, in fact he positively encourages it. We are really happy of how this conversation has turned out so we hope you enjoy. 

You can find Paul on various platforms including his website: www.pmcgregor.com on instagram @pmcgregorcom and elsewhere using his name. 

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