episode 3: the road less travelled

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Live a little crazy

Episode description

Our third episode is available now! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube, Stitcher, and Simplecast!

This episode features our second guest, and as I like to call, "friend", Jared River Guest! We take a look at following your own path, explore the slightly unusual business route of vintage and antiques, and why university isn't for everyone!

We asked Jared about his decision to set down a less conventional path, how to make the world of vintage and antiques more accessible for a younger generation, and the importance of doing what's right for you - not what others may think is right for you.

Also, as a by the by, Jared's voice has been like that since he was about, I'd say, six.

PS. Jack here, I realise I'm too far from the mic on this episode, this will be sorted for next week! Please forgive me in advance!

You can follow Jared and all his rare antique finds at @sixthlink

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