the self-progress podcast by two clueless dropouts.

There are a vast number of people out there in the big, mean world, who have something beneficial to offer and in a whole host of ways; whether that be by adopting a particular lifestyle, imparting some sage words of wisdom, or by encouraging the pursuit of particular creative and entrepreneurial passions. This is a podcast by two young friends who want to tap into that well of benefit, and share it with you brilliant listeners in the process. The feeling of community is key to us and we're hoping for the show to grow in terms of scope and outreach so that we can provide better content to more listeners, whilst remaining the idiots we are.  We're just two friends trying to make their way through life and be at least a little bit helpful along the way, we hope you enjoy!


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Fancy photoshop software means we can make ourselves look better on Instagram than in real life, it's all just a charade but it is a charade we take great pride in trying to make it look as funky as possible for you beautiful people. There's a lot more content on our page, little snapshots and soundbites in particular, so, to horribly butcher a Clint Eastwood phrase, go ahead, make our day.